Despicable is the only word that comes to mind.


Bozell Nails Ross and ABC; James Holmes and Obama

Posted by JEFFREY LORD via The American Spectator on 7.21.12 @ 11:14AM

Did you know James Holmes gave money to Barack Obama?

It’s true. And I knew this yesterday morning.

Why didn’t I write this up for The American Spectator to publish as a blog post — on the spot?

For one very simple, very elemental reason.

In the first flush of the carnage in Colorado yesterday morning, when the shooter’s name had made it to the airwaves but not much else about him, everybody with a computer and a phone was scouring all manner of Internet sites to find out about James Holmes.

In my case I found that James Holmes was on the Federal Election Commission rolls as an Obama contributor. The problem? I had absolutely no idea whether this was the same James Holmes who was the Colorado…

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  1. Oh, you already know how outraged I am about this and those who are defending this guy – as well as ABC. I’ll be honest, there are times I wish I was a “liberal” so I could sleep well at night after declaring people like this “defective” and then dispatching them “for the good of humanity.” But, alas, I have something they lack: a moral compass.

    • Having been raised in the liberal paradise that is Massachusetts, I know all too well how the Left thinks. They do indeed sleep well, since many of them do not believe in absolute wrongs and rights, so whatever is needed at the time to further their goals is acceptable.

      Wait a sec; that’s not quite right. They DO believe that being CONSERVATIVE is wrong.
      And evil.
      Which is odd, since they don’t actually believe in evil.

      All of which buttresses your original statement, B3A.

      • I am having a very difficult time accepting the reality that I have finally forced myself to face: that a great deal of mankind is pure evil and deserving of being put down. Unfortunately, those of us who see and understand this tend to also believe in God and, thus, are prevented from doing anything about it while the ones we see as being dangerous to society feel no such restraint. In fact, they too often feel “morally compelled” to kill those of us who simply want to be left alone. The history of the 20th Century is the history of these people and their ideology in action.

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