It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This… #Sex For It’s Intended Purpose

Feminist scourge Amanda Marcotte is going apeshit over a new website. We learn from The Other McCain;

Young folks have discovered a kinky new sexual phenomenon: If a man places his penis inside a woman’s vagina, she can have a baby.

This shockingly weird activity is being promoted by a Web site called, whose founders describe their revolutionary idea:

We want awesome marriages and mind-blowing sex lives. We want women and men to be respected and loved for who they are, to the very depths of their being. We want sex free from fear, love free from use, and a world of people who love and respect their own bodies. In short, we want sexy back. In fact, we demand it.

Wow! What a bizarre concept: Sex that begins with “I do,” and ends with “Till death do us part.” Being fruitful and muliplying!

Exactly how dangerous is this “one flesh” concept? It has already been denounced by Amanda Marcotte, and you know what that means.

It’s 100% pure awesomeness.
Let’s Do It Until Amanda Marcotte Screams

Anything that will make a feminist pull their hair out and scream is good enough for me.


9 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This… #Sex For It’s Intended Purpose

    • Yeah, I quickly lost count (while in college) of how many times I was admonished for opening a door for a girl, or walking on the outside of the sidewalk, or standing up when a woman entered a room.

      It was as if I had scalded them with a hot iron. Seriously.

  1. Oh, yeah: it’s like it was a mantra. What, did they print up a list of appropriate feminist responses when a man exhibited manners?

    I tried to patiently explain to one girl, in particular, that it my actions were a sign of respect, no different than referring to a man as “sir”, or writing a Thank You note.

    Nope, she’d have none of it.

    Glad I moved and eventually found my wife.
    Heck, SHE told me that if I STOPPED opening doors for her, I’d be in trouble.

  2. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Not quite sure what to make of, but I suppose it does not hurt to discuss a Christian approach to sex without specifically referencing the Bible. “1Flesh” is, of course, a Biblical allusion any Christian will recognize. So the roots of’s beliefs are not being hidden. Nonetheless, we must not lose sight of an objective truth. Human reason is not enough. Unless we love God and humble ourselves before Him, we will not do what is right. We will not love each other as we should.

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