James O’Keefe Proves Once Again…Democrats are Stoopid!

Via Gateway Pundit;

I guess Democrats have short memories?

Poor Smitty. He’s beside himself because of this latest O’Keefe video taken in his home area.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritasare heros for calling attention to the serious problem of voter fraud. In defense of Pat Moran, though, it’s one thing to engage in hypothetical discussions about fraud, and quite another to commit it. I don’t want to sound like I’m letting Moran off the hook here; ‘Gentleman’ Jim is one of the larger pieces of work in our Congress. See the links below.

Still, while this isn’t a flattering introduction to Pat, would anyone at the field director level for any campaign do anything even slightly wonky with someone on their first meeting? Looking at Moran’s body language, I’m reading a lot of “Yeah, sure, whatever” here. A reasonable claim could be made that, to the extent Moran makes copacetic noises, Moran is setting about his own counter-sting. Except that Pat Moran has apparently resigned.

I kind of got that impression, too. But, that being said, Moran should have blown the guy off and called law enforcement. He sort of made himself look guilty .

Pat Moran was connected to (what they hope) is a rock-solid campaign. As noted on Twitter of VA-8 voters:

@redalexandriava @smitty_one_each @rsmccain I don’t know anyone who likes him.they just refuse to vote for the GOP

— kim jossfolk (@shoegal90) October 24, 2012

Will Pat Moran’s sudden departure from daddy’s campaign be taken as an admission of guilt?

One thought on “James O’Keefe Proves Once Again…Democrats are Stoopid!

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