Blogger #Marezilla Needs Our Help! #tcot

Just found out via The Lonely Conservative, that Marezilla is in the hospital. Pete Da Tech Guy visited with her and shot this video;

Marezilla could really use our help so please go to her site and hit her tip jar. It’s on the right sidebar.

Update; Smitty has news of another blogger that needs our prayers;

Apparently Dan Riehl isn’t doing so weel, either. I’ve heard rumors of everything from pneumonia to conjugal heart failure. As he’s in a local hospital, I shall have to try to get by tomorrow. My last interaction with Dan:

@HatingBreitbart is a great flick, but who is this @DanRiehl chap?

If you’re able to help Marezilla, please go hit her tip jar. She as well as Dan Riehl can also use our prayers and best wishes.


3 thoughts on “Blogger #Marezilla Needs Our Help! #tcot

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