This is just so friggin’ sad.

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I’m originally from Maine and am so ashamed of what that state has become that I rarely tell people I’m from there anymore. – Phoebe

By Todd Starnes

A school district in Maine is apologizing after middle school students learned about homosexual foreplay during what was supposed to be a “Diversity Day” presentation.

“I don’t want my child taught heterosexual foreplay, let alone homosexual foreplay,” outraged parent Kristy Howard told Fox News.

The principal of Gorham Middle Schoolsent a letter to parents apologizing for the graphic nature of the presentation by PRYSM, Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine.

“They went beyond the scope of our intentions and discussed topics that we do not deem appropriate for our middle school,” Robert Riley wrote in a letter obtained by The American Journal. “We do not intend to expose them to ideas that are not within the…

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  1. Have you forgotten Clinton’s Surgeon General: fat Ms. “Teach Kindergartners How to Masturbate???”

    Let me see if we have hit everything on the pagan checklist required before God smites a nation:

    Turn away from God — check
    Turn against Israel — check
    Idol worship — check (heck, we literally worship idol — American Idol)
    Worship false gods — gia and whatnot, check
    sacrifice children — check
    Sexual immorality and perversion — check

    Did I miss anything? 😦

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