Sex, Lies And Dirty Little (Top) Secrets

What the hell is wrong with our military leadership lately? Did they not read the Uniform Code Of Military Justice?

New evidence implicates another high ranking General in sex scandal;

The CIA chief, his West Point-educated girlfriend, an FBI agent, the “social liaison” at McDill AFB, the top general in Afghanistan — they’re all as freewheeling and frisky as college juniors on Spring Break in Cabo. Gabriel Malor at AOSHQ summarizes the sordid mess:

Jill Kelley, the woman who was (allegedly) threatened by Gen. Petraeus’s squeeze Paula Broadwell and who (apparently) started the FBI investigation that led to Petraeus’ ouster, who went to the FBI for help after the threats and then (allegedly) had a relationship with the FBI agent in charge of her own case, who (allegedly) sent her shirtless pics of himself, also (apparently, allegedly) had “compromising” communications with Gen. John Allen, the Big Damn Commander of our war effort in Afghanistan. . . .
It’s not a love triangle. It’s a love Pentagon.

Good grief. America’s national security has been entrusted to the pledge committee at Delta Tau Chi. This is shocking beyond description:

Marine Gen. John R. Allen, the four-star U.S. commander of the war in Afghanistan, exchanged thousands of “potentially inappropriate” emails with Jill Kelley, the Tampa woman who claimed to have been harassed by the ex-mistress of former CIA Director David Petraeus . . .
The FBI notified the Defense Department on Sunday of “potentially inappropriate communications” between Allen and Kelley, and turned over to Pentagon lawyers 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails exchanged by the two from 2010 to 2012.

Or is all this a bunch of manufactured bull shit by the Obama administration to undermine our military? What better way to break down the morale of our American service men and women than by implicating their leaders in sex scandals.

It’s hard to believe that these men went through their entire military service without being caught in compromising positions before now.


2 thoughts on “Sex, Lies And Dirty Little (Top) Secrets

  1. “Or is all this a bunch of manufactured bull shit by the Obama administration”

    Maybe not all of it, but you can be sure there’s enough manufactured bullshit calculated to distract us all from finding the truth about what happened at Benghazi.

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