Miss Me Yet? #MerryChristmas #tcot

It’s pretty nice down here in sunny South Florida. Of course, we aren’t having much time to enjoy the weather, slinging Christmas Trees all over the place.


All the news I have for now. Maybe in a day or two,or a week, I might be able to post some pictures.

Please be sure to follow the fine folks on my blog roll while I’m temporarily on hiatus.


34 thoughts on “Miss Me Yet? #MerryChristmas #tcot

  1. I miss you…..but I know someone has to be the one out there slinging Christmas trees, we all know that Santa’s Elves Union made them stop and stick to their toy making jobs.

  2. So, THAT’s where you are!
    I was thinking you showed up on an Enemy-of-the-State White House memo, …and were being “debriefed” somewhere….

    Be safe, bro, and enjoy the weather.

  3. LOL only a veteran of spousal absence is willing to admit the fact that there really are some upsides to it. Really. LOL. I hope you sell each and every tree, Mr. G. Wish I lived close enough to buy one!


  4. Dennis misses you, I sure wish you’d come home so he could talk to you instead of me. Seems he had an old freezer in the woods with the remains of his dearly beloved dog that died several months ago in it (nothing creepy about that) and someone dumped the dog out and stole the freezer. He said the dog, a rottweiler, was a good dog, only bit him in the face a few times.

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  6. OK, I know: you’re off payin’ the bills.
    I TOTALLY respect that. You know I do.

    Now, with that said:
    DUDE! Seriously, partner, you need to get back soon!!
    It is just WAY too weird for me to not see any new stuff over here….
    And yes, …this IS all about me.

    Be safe, bro.

  7. Almost there … hope that wallet is fat and the residents of Florida have been generous to you. Have a Merry Christmas and spend some extra cash on your long-suffering wife. 🙂

    • Tonight’s the night!

      “long-suffering wife”, I’m glad someone understands the trials and tribulations of a woman having to cook and clean twice a week, it’s stressful.

      • Wow!! You remember the exact day she went on strike, she must have one hell of a union contract, I may have to renegotiate mine. 😀

        My man doesn’t have to ask how high, he instinctively knows. 😀

        Merry Christmas to you also.

  8. He got home about 1 am and he was up before me and off to North Carolina to take all the rental trucks back so I haven’t seen much cuddling, was lucky to get a hug before he hit the sack, haven’t seen him since.

    • Hopefully this comments finds you happy and as cuddles and loved up as my Barbara and I are today, our 15th wedding anniversary. Tell that man to take you shopping and for some dancing–old fashioned waltz’s and rhumba’s, good enough to stir the passion and quicken the desire for intensive cuddling (followed by housecleaning and laundry by the male of the species whilst the female luxerates in a hot bath full of scent and bubbles).

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