So, let’s have a conversation, America. We’re in the middle of a big fight in the USA,and it concerns the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which reads as above. Most of us realize our President sees our Constitution as a “living” i.e. evolving document. An overwhelming majority of Americans, however, do not see it that way, but as a solid, absolute foundation upon which our nation is built. Problem is, those in agreement with President include 99.9% (conservative estimate) of all journalists/media outlets and celebrities with big mouths and plenty of camera time.

Lies of ‘Sandy Hook’ Please click!

The administration has a history of orchestrating events and “milking” tragedies for his political agenda. Remember, “Fast & Furious?” Remember the Aurora shootings? While I will not go so far as to accuse the President of arranging the “Sandy Hook massacre,” he is most assuredly…

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  2. The Left, despite their exhortations to the contrary, have no desire for a “conversation”.
    They want their ideas put into practice.

    Actually, when the Left says the words “We need to have a Conversation” it usually means about the same thing as it does in prison.
    And no, I’m not speaking figuratively.

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