Phoebe's Detention Room

What gun control?

They can’t change the 2nd amendment so why all the blustering about gun control?   While we’re sitting here worrying about them taking our guns, which isn’t going to happen, they are happily plotting the control by removing the ammo.  Govt is buying up all the ammo and distributing it to govt agencies, one of which is the National Weather Service, ask yourself why the NWS would need ammo.  Without ammo, guns are useless.

Are they wanting to make sure we can’t use our weapons or are they getting ready to wage war against us or a combination of the two?  The military is engaged elsewhere and most, I hope, would be reluctant to fire on fellow Americans but the govt itself does not have the oath that the military has, they are under no order or obligation to not fire on us.

Meanwhile, I shall scream if…

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