Can we reverse this trend?


Obama's Bill of Rights

Is all hope gone?

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  1. I still have hope that we can. It may be delusional or it may be that I know history and want to believe that I still live in the America that once was. In 1979, my mother — a conservative feminist (which was not at all weird in Alaska) — told me she thought the country was done for. She’d been watching the presidency of Jimmy Carter, who had just locked up 1/3 of Alaska’s lands through an Executive Order. The national news was running the story, hailing it as this great achievement to protect the wildlife from the Alaskans who wanted to pave over the wilderness. So, Mom was pretty sure the United States was done for. She signed a petition for Alaska to secede from the union. Actually, I think I did too.

    The country seemed hell-bent on a rush into liberal-progressive European socialism. The polls said Reagan couldn’t win. He was too conservative. And, then he did and the country pivoted toward conservativism. That was 33 years ago … a generation. And as before, this generation has been complacent and allowed this to happen. Due to the special circumstances of this president and a really bad selection for the GOP nomination, he got an undeserved second term. We’re going to be hurting cleaning this up for a long time. But I have hope that in 2016, with a fresh slate of candidates, that change can come about. In fact, by 2016, the situation should be so bad that even liberal Democrats will vote for a conservative … IF the GOP offers one, which looks unlikely. Which is why I say I may be delusional, because I don’t know that this is still in the hands of the people.

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