President Obama has issued his wish list of 23 executive actions concerning gun control. That’s all it is, nothing more than a policy directive calling upon other federal agencies to do their job, which by implication, obviously they haven’t been doing. At the very top of the list would be our Attorney General, Eric Holder. President Obama has charged Holder with the task of making the Department of Justice the focal point for reducing gun violence. Here is the executive action from the White House website.

Create serious punishments for gun trafficking: Today, criminals can easily buy guns from
unlicensed dealers, or acquire them with the help of so-called “straw purchasers” who pass the
required background check to buy guns from licensed dealers. But there is no explicit law against
straw purchasing, so straw purchasers and others who traffic guns can often only be prosecuted
for paperwork violations. We cannot…

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  1. Nice post, Mr. G…
    It’s true: this group practices deception and misdirection so often, it’s like watching a David Copperfield special, minus the scantily-clad stage assistants.

    (…whoops, …just had an image of Hilary in a sequined halter top.

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