My friend is right. All this BS over so called assault weapons is a distraction to keep us from focusing on the failures of this administration’s failed foreign and domestic policy, all of which is taking our country down the rabbit hole. Hope we’ve got an escape plan .

Citizen Tom

What is the proper message? I suppose that depends on each of us. What does each of us think important? I just think most of us don’t care if our neighbor owns what Senator Dianne Feinstein calls an assault weapon.

Check out Assault Weapons Ban at Level-Head. It’s a great post!

What, exactly, does the Left mean by “assault weapons”?  Evidence is abundant that this expression means to them “anything that could hurt someone” (i.e., anything capable of self defense).

Senator Feinstein’s bill clearly denotes a raft of guns to be banned based upon their scary appearance, furthering the silly notion that a bullet fired from a black gun is inherently different from a bullet fired from a brown one. Or that a bullet fired from a rifle with a pistol grip will do something different from the same bullet coming from a gun with no such grip.  Stupid, isn’t…

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