Acting School By #NickSearcy Video

I’d like to say that Nick Searcy is a good friend of mine, but alas, we were just classmates for one year in High School and We didn’t click. I do remember that he was a good basketball player and played several musical instruments.

Nick is the star of the top rated show “Justified” on the FX channel. I’ve never seen one episode of this show. It does get rave reviews, though. Nick also had supporting roles in such movies as “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford, “Nell” with Jody Foster and “Fried Green Tomatoes” with Kathy Bates.   First time I saw him in a movie was his appearance in “Days Of Thunder.”

I don’t remember any of his other TV roles except for being the sidekick in that ill fated situation comedy, “Rodney” with Rodney Carrington. Nick did a good job in that show, but Carrington is a stand up comedian and is not an actor. Very few comics can make the transition from the comedy club to the TV screen. Unfortunately, Carrington is not one of those comedians.

I need to look up and watch more of these “Acting School” shorts by Nick. They are very good. Here’s one stolen from Jim Treacher via Instapundit;


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