Perverts In The News…We Need To Push Back Now Before It’s Too Late

We now live in a sick society, it seems and it’s getting worse. Stacy McCain has a report on the moral downfall  of our young people unless we parents stand up and say ENOUGH!

You should go and read the whole report, but I just want to focus on this one paragraph and make one little change;

“Wait a minute – these freaks are so interested in talking about sex with college kids that they went through some kind of special program to get ‘certified’ to do this? And then this ‘education’ takes the form of giving the kids dildos and buttplugs and lubricant? Because this is necessary to teach kids about ‘sexual health’? Get away from my daughter, you perverts, or I’ll call the cops. or I’ll blow your freaking heads off.”  FTFY

Folks, we have a morally decaying society and it is our fault. We let it happen. It is up to us to change it. We need to push back every. single. time they come out with some new perversion that effects our young people. They are our kids and our future.

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