It’s A Sick, Sick World Out There…Teacher Films Child Pornography At School

From Fox News, an article about a teacher who used his classroom to film child pornography as well as download graphic images from the internet. WTF!! We trust these people with our kids and their education. Where was the background check on this scumbag? How many other teachers are there out there with these same sick proclivities? How much protection did the teacher’s unions give this guy in the pursuit of his perversion?

Brooks, who works as an aide at Public School 243, was accused of having “regularly downloaded and distributed videos and images depicting child pornography over the Internet through a peer-to-peer file sharing program,” the FBI said.

In December 2001, Brooks accepted a friend request on the peer-to-peer network. That person was an undercover agent who was able to access and download graphic videos and images.

The next month, agents moved on Brooks’ home with a warrant and confiscated a computer and two external hard drives. During their investigation of the equipment, agents found hundreds of video and images depicting child pornography.

A forensic look at the equipment uncovered a folder labeled “special,” where they found a video in which Brooks can be heard giving directions to a young child to perform explicit sexual acts.

Investigators later confirmed that the child was a student and PS 243 and that the video was made on school grounds, the statement said.

This ties in with the story Stacy McCain did yesterday on teenage sex and the perversions our citadels of higher learning are allowing to be taught to our young men and women.
He supposedly received fifty years, but I think the sentence was much too mild. Any suggestions?

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