Brits Get Mouthful Of Ass…Seriously

There’s a story about horse meat making it onto the shelves of British groceries, even making it as far as the hamburgers at British Burger King Restaurants. Well, come to find out, some of it could actually be Donkey meat.

From the Independent UK via Drudge;

A law banning horses from Romanian roads may be responsible for the surge in the fraudulent sale of horsemeat on the European beef market, a French politician said yesterday.

Horse-drawn carts were a common form of transport for centuries in Romania, but hundreds of thousands of the animals are feared to have been sent to the abattoir after the change in road rules.

The law, which was passed six years ago but only enforced recently, also banned carts drawn by donkeys, leading to speculation among food-industry officials in France that some of the “horse meat” which has turned up on supermarket shelves in Britain, France and Sweden may, in fact, turn out to be donkey meat. “Horses have been banned from Romanian roads and millions of animals have been sent to the slaughterhouse,” said Jose Bove, a veteran campaigner for small farmers who is now vice-president of the European Parliament agriculture committee.

After a couple of days in which the horse meat affair was seen as a largely British problem, the scandal began to be taken seriously by French politicians and newspapers over the weekend.

All I can say is DAYAM! This story is better than the one about the pink glop McDonald’s was accused of putting in their hamburgers a while back.





One thought on “Brits Get Mouthful Of Ass…Seriously

  1. Hell, the French eat horsemeat, snails, and really stinky cheese, what else should we expect? The Brits eat kidney pie and say it’s good. Something wrong with those Europeans. Too much in-breeding, me thinks. 🙂

    Shit…I hope you’re not a Brit or French. If so……my regrets.

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