Catholic Church Searches For New Leader As Pope Benedict Abdicates

The big news of the day is the abdication of the Holy See, otherwise known as his holiness, the Pope of the Catholic Church. This is indeed startling news for Catholics because their church will be without it’s religious leader starting at the end of this month.

I’m a Lutheran, an offshoot of the Catholic religion, but am not versed in the protocols of what happens next.

Our good friends in the ether, Stacy McCain of TOM, Bob Belvedere of TCOTS and Da Tech Guy, a devout Catholic, have aggregations of the goings on in Rome.

As Bob says;

This is a sad thing as this man was one of the few leaders of The West who understood the dangers we face – he ‘got it’.

God bless him.

And of course, it didn’t take long for the always classy liberals to start bashing the Pope and the Catholic Church on Twitter. You liberals stay classy now, ya hear?

One thought on “Catholic Church Searches For New Leader As Pope Benedict Abdicates

  1. Pope Benedict was and is a good man. The Leftists (classy as ever, as you pointed out) are showing their true colors as they always do when they let down their guard.

    I predict they will be very disappointed with the next Pope, as well, when he ALSO fails to give them contraception on demand, female priests, and the rest of their liberal wish list.
    Popes aren’t Presidents: their job is to defend Church doctrine, not reinterpret it.

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