#ChrisDorner In StandOff With Police In Big Bear. Live Video Feed…Update

Link to live feed here.

Chriistopher Dorner has shot two deputies from San Bernadino in the Big Bear Lake area and is in standoff with Police. Dorner has unequivocally stated that he wouldn’t be taken easily. Sounds like suicide by cop to me, unless he decides to off himself.

Well, it didn’t take long for a dumbass, probably a liberal, to call into the live reporter and prank her by saying that a limo driver had shot at and wounded Chris Dorner. Updates to follow.

Stacy McCain has more and will have more updates as the event unfolds;

UPDATE: The latest from CNN:

Two sheriff’s deputies have been wounded in a shootout with a suspect believed to be renegade ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner, a high-ranking law official with knowledge of the investigation said Tuesday.
The source says the suspect, believed to be Dorner, shot the deputies as police responded to a report of a home invasion and a carjacking in the Big Bear area of southern California.
After police got a description of the vehicle, police set up a road block, and Dorner approached the officers, the source says. Dorner then opened fire, wounding the two sheriff’s deputies, according to the source.
The official said Dorner was pinned down.



A tractor trailer has just pulled up with a military vehicle. Looks like an armored SWAT vehicle. Officers dressed up in military garb are searching cars as they come off of the mountain.

Update II;

Police were conducting vehicle searches as cars and trucks came down the mountain. But now the vehicles searches have stopped and traffic is moving again. A reporter on scene has said the cabin Dorner is alleged to be in, is completely engulfed in flames. It’s possible Dorner has been positively identified.

One San Bernadino Sheriff’s deputy is in surgery and the other, unfortunately, has died from his wounds. It’s a sad day in San Bernadino.

Update III; Via Gateway Pundit


UPDATE: Dorner was found dead.

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