Ted Cruz is one of the good ones.

Nice Deb

Since Ted Cruz hit Washington DC, he’s been busy making  liberal heads explode in his own spectacular way. The following videos of Ted Cruz making liberals squirm are just from the last 24 hours!

Ted Cruz at a gun control hearing yesterday:

Speaking to the DOJ prosecutor, he began innocently enough: “You focused on straw purchases and that is an area of potential bipartisan cooperation. The Chairman brought it up, and I think all of us agree, that if there are those with criminal intent, transferring firearms to felons, there should be strict punishments for that. So that may be a productive area of cooperation.” (Brows furrowing)… But I would point out that —- one of the largest straw purchasers we’ve seen in recent years has been — (pregnant pause) — the United States of America in the Fast and Furious program which sent thousands of firearms – deliberately…

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