Single Fugly Congressman Looking For Hot Young Babe…#Rule5…Updated

Ace is acting butt hurt because this;

Has evidently been tweeting “ilu” to this;


For those interested in more pics, go here.

And she has been tweeting back. But all the tweets have disappeared minutes after having been sent, as has Cohen’s tweets to her.

Hmmm…well, the congressman is single, although it’s said he has a girlfriend in Memphis. Honestly, this rates a big fat zero on the political scandal gieger counter. As long as he isn’t using taxpayer funded resources to chase after his new love interest, what does it matter.

This matter should be between Congressman Steve Cohen, his age appropriate girl friend and the young lady in question.

All it goes to show is that some women are attracted to money and power, just like flies are attracted to shit.


Via Ace again, a correction. It seems the lovely young lass he tweeted during the SoTU speech is actually Rep Steve Cohen’s long lost daughter. Ace thinks it’s all a bit Roman, whatever that means;

Remember the “ilu” tweet? From Bob Cohen to a 24 year old model?

It’s his daughter. He says he only learned of her existence 3 years ago.

So, no current shenanigans, but I guess some past shenanigans.

I guess his tweets were sort of innocent and sweet, then.

Still feels a bit Roman.


One thought on “Single Fugly Congressman Looking For Hot Young Babe…#Rule5…Updated

  1. I read that post yesterday, Mr. G.
    I kinda have to agree with Ace: when a “citizen legislator” like this is perceived to have any sort of REAL power, or sufficiently that it would impress a young cutie, the term “citizen legislator” no longer means what it USED to mean.

    But as to your point concerning ‘flies, etc.,.”… yeah, that’ll always be true.

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