An English Lesson On Adjectives

From Stacy McCain, an English lesson on the use of descriptive adjectives;

In all honesty, when you hear the word “feminist,” does anyone think of adjectives like pleasant, cheerful, successful and attractive?

No, of course not. You think of adjectives like strident, angry, bitter and ugly. Also, quite often, ridiculous — as illustrated by the deranged mob of strident, angry, bitter, ugly women who showed up for a “One Billion Rising” Valentine’s Day demonstration in San Francisco.

By the same token, anyone who thinks that “honest” and “Democrat” ever belong together in the same sentence is probably suffering from some form of mental illness, and speaking of the mentally ill: Jesse Jackson Jr. will reportedly plead guilty to federal corruption charges.

Here are a few more…choleric, enraged, foaming, fuming just to add a few more. Perhaps you could add a few more in the comments below.


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