My Home Town Has Gone To The Dogs…Greyhounds That Is

Via The Other McCain, Former Sand Diego Mayor, Maureen O’Connor has been charged with stealing over 2 million dollars from a charitable organization set up by her late husband.

San Diego’s former mayor, Maureen O’Connor, is a liberal Democrat. But now that she’s been charged in a massive scandal — she stole more than $2 million from a charity established by her late husband, in order to fund a decade-long gambling binge – the New York Times somehow can’t bring itself to mention her partisan affiliation.

It’s a damn shame that the city of my birth and young adulthood has fallen so far. But you’d think that her constituents might have noticed all those trips up to the track at Del Mar. But then, perhaps San Diegans  might have acquired that liberal disease, Optirectalitis. Hell, this lady gambled over a Billion dollars over a span of ten years or so.

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