#PoliticalClownParade Can Use Our Prayers And Support

Via Adrienne’s Corner

The Zen Master of Political Photo Shops, Political Clown Parade, can really use our prayers and support.

I am keenly aware that this little blog is read by a fairly small number of visitors who come here because they know me or became aware of this site because of the great honor it received recently for its Photoshops™.
Because Political Clown Parade is a mostly unknown site, I doubt that the sparse postings of late have been noticed.  For those who are regular visitors here, the question may have arisen as to why there have been so few posts.
Allow me to bring you into the fold.
On December 11, 2012 I left work early to visit a local urgent care center because I was feeling like death warmed over.  The doctor who saw me immediately diagnosed me with acute bronchitis.  He ordered me to take not one but two breathing treatments to reduce the wheezing and allow me to breathe a little better.  I was given prescriptions to ease the coughing, antibiotics to clear up the infection and an inhaler of albuterol.
After about two weeks, I thought I was on the mend only to suffer a relapse and a return to the urgent care center I had visited before.
The doctor who saw me then prescribed a stronger inhaler, Combivent®, a bronchodilator indicated for use in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), another round of antibiotics, a cough suppressant and a stern recommendation to seek the help of a lung specialist.
I called a pulmonologist whose practice is located at a hospital in my town and was set up immediately for chest x-rays and a battery of breathing tests on January 17th.  After the x-rays and the breathing tests I went upstairs to see the lung specialist.
Prayers are sent from this meager blog and hope my readers join in the chorus of prayer for your recovery.

2 thoughts on “#PoliticalClownParade Can Use Our Prayers And Support

  1. @TMG Guy,

    I appreciate your linking Adrienne’s post about me. That “chorus of prayer” is growing stronger in number each moment thanks to wonderful folks like you and the wonderful readers who visit your site.

    God bless you. Take care out there. I hope you enjoy what’s left of your weekend.

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