What The Hell? #WarOnWomen

Well, another Democrat politician has managed to step on his “business”. This time, it’s Colorado Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar.

According to Salazar, women who think they are about to be raped, don’t need a gun because they have whistles…or call boxes…or whatever.


6 thoughts on “What The Hell? #WarOnWomen

  1. Dude, this is legit, right? You aren’t lining some SNL wannabe, are ya’?

    The Libs on campus have become even more untethered from from reality than I thought…and I pretty much thought they were Fruit Loops from the get-go.

    Okay, so according to this whack-job, the females on campus shouldn’t carry a gun. Instead, they should put ALL of their faith in the “whistles & call boxes”, since obviously the sidewalks and hallways must be LINED with them, like Lumineria, correct?
    Except, of course, in the “safe” zones.

    Sounds like the ladies should just stay in the Safe Zones exclusively, separate from everyone else….sorta like a leper colony.
    ‘Cause it’s safe.

    What was that old Virginia Slims ad? “You’ve come a long way, Baby”, I believe?
    Yeah they have.

  2. My oldest Grand Daughter graduates from High School next year. She will know how to properly handle a pistol and how to use it if needed. I’ve already taken her to the range a couple of times.

    This guy is what’s wrong with our country today. I just don’t have any words…

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