It’s The New Constitution, But Not The Same Constitution We Once Knew

Our good friend Bob Belvedere, quoting Jeff Goldstein and Mark Levin, has said the same thing I said in a previous post and what others before me have said- and that is that we must effect change at the local level.

Those wanting to wield power, be they Leftists or people like Karl Rove, are so entrenched in Washington and have so reshaped things in their favor that it is a waste or precious time and effort to try and take back control of the national government. Some things just can’t be rescued.

We need to concentrate our efforts in the Several States [at all
levels of government], ignore the national government as much as possible, resist said government by acts of disobedience, and be prepared to answer the call of the Minutemen if and when the Feds try to enforce their tyrannical mandates.

Rubber, meet the road.

We have to be mentally prepared to do without much in this effort. The day of American luxury is past. We have to be willing and ready to sacrifice all our amenities and, of course, our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

The Founders had exactly that in mind when they drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They knew that the closer government was to the people, the better the chances we could stop any usurpation’s of power by power hungry politicians.

We’ve got a serious problem when our federal elected Representatives now represent on average, over 700,000 citizens in each congressional district. Kind of hard to have your voice heard with those odds. You have a better chance of winning the lottery.


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