What Voter Fraud?

From our friend in Liberty, we have this;

Update 2/19/13

And today’s poster child for tightening it up at the polling place … drum roll, please … is …. Melowese Richardson of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I love her defense – “I had no intention of doing exactly what I did.”

Richardson claimed she had submitted an absentee ballot, but was afraid her vote would not count so she also voted in person. She also said she voted in the name of her granddaughter and yet another person.

“There was absolutely no intent on my part to commit any voter fraud,” she insisted.

I’ve heard it all now.



One thought on “What Voter Fraud?

  1. So, either she’s lying (yes, that is the most likely answer), or she’s a scumbag.

    Because if she really didn’t “intend” to break the law, she’s saying that it was better for her to vote 3+ times than not vote at all.
    Umm, huh? These are the people who freak out if they are overcharged a penny at Walmart, but if they get back too MUCH change, just keep it.
    Errors in their favor are deserved; not so much the other way around.

    I really don’t think she looks any better, either way she goes.

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