Agenda 21 rears it’s ugly head again.

Asylum Watch

Your humble observer, at Asylum Watch, recently read an article by the Institute for Energy Research (IER). The link to this article was one of several at theCL Report: Mugged By Reality, an excellent service provided by the Classic Liberal Blog.  The IER article is a review of a recently completed study by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) titled Using Oil Taxes to Improve Fiscal Reform.

Although Asylum Watch is where yours truly expresses his opinions on current events the insanity going on in this world we have to live in, I do not normally form those opinions without first doing my own due diligence. In other words, I don’t normally rely on the due diligence of a third party. So, when I read the opening paragraph oo the IER article, I immediately went to the link provided so that I could read for myself what the…

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