Feminist Ideologue Amanda Marcotte…Girls, Put that Gun Down, You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

Via Twitchy, some tweets at the link by feminist ideologue Amanda Marcotte;

The War on Women: It’s coming from inside the feminist movement.

Amanda Marcotte, the gutter-dweller who embraced “genital nicking” as a substitute for female genital mutilation, now suggests rape is preferable to shooting a rapist.

Ten out of ten rapists agree.

After coming across Bob Beckel’s foul remarks that trivialized date rape, Marcotte responded by lashing out … at gun rights advocates.

See, if a woman’s date tries to rape her and she shoots him, the cops might not believe her and she could end up in the pokey. We assume Amanda says things like “pokey” since her logic clearly isn’t from this decade.

“So, no.” It’s the usual demeaning, infantilizing feminist tripe: Women can’t be trusted with the decision to arm themselves. Bless their ditzy little hearts. Without Amanda to think for them, women might actually believe firearms are suitable rape deterrents.

Edited to add; I tweeted @AmandaMarcotte with a question which I don’t expect a reply to;

Mizz Marcotte, if you were in a room in one corner with a gun and a rapist was in the other corner, what would you do? Lie down and say Take Me…or would you shoot the bastard?


4 thoughts on “Feminist Ideologue Amanda Marcotte…Girls, Put that Gun Down, You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

    • Sorry ’bout that buddy. Mayhap by the time Christmas rolls around again, you will have forgotten my transgression in linking this classic movie to that despicable feminist hag, Amanda Marcotte. ( I think I just threw up in my mouth.)

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