A Man, A Plan, Outlaw: @ProteinWisdom

Bob’s title is a good one, so we’ll stick with it.

Our good friend Bob Belvedere quotes Jeff Goldstein quite extensively so I won’t rehash it here. But Bob makes a salient point about John Q. Citizen’s ability to influence government.

Jeff says we must primary Tea Party candidates against establishment Republicans in national office elections and that is a noble cause. There is nothing wrong with more Ted Cruz’s, Trey Gowdys’ and Jeff Duncans’ in the Congress and Senate.  But we know that they will still be a minority for years to come and will not have the clout needed to push the country in the right direction.

As Bob says, and I agree, we need to concentrate more on the state and local levels. That is where we have the power.

Let’s say we maintain the control of the House and gain it in the Senate and then in 2016 elect a President. Will any of them do what it takes to really make things right? Will they weed-out and fire all of the subversive bureaucrats who infest every nook and cranny of the Federal Leviathan? Because that’s what it would take. [added today:
Whoever we elected would need to be armed with napalm and not afraid to
use it.]

I just don’t see it happening. The national government has grown too large and has been so thoroughly infected with Bureaucratitis and Lefticus Thinkicus that the patient must be declared terminal. Heck, if I were on a Death Panel, I’d refuse authorization for treatment.

Any hope we have lies in taking control in several of the Several States and mounting a federalist resistance to the Left.

So don’t waste your time on the national government because time is running out.

It doesn’t take nearly as much money and resources to run campaigns at the local and state levels as it does at the national level. We must use our resources wisely and that means putting our money where it will do the most good…right at home where we live and work.

As someone famous once said…”Politicians come and go, but the bureaucracy is always there.”

That is where the real power in national politics is, the bureaucracy, those pesky unelected officials who too soon get an overblown sence of their own importance and power. It always bodes ill for the little guy and well for the monied, well connected corporitist who wants new regulations to put smaller competition out of business.

As Bob says, we need to go through the bureaucratic halls of Congress and the Senate with a flame thrower and wreck havoc with the bureaucratic establishment.

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