Wherein @Smitty_one_each Makes John Boehner Cry

Smitty of TOM wrote Speaker of the House John Boehner a letter.

What I said here at Boehner’s little site:

I blame the input more than the output.
Instead of a proper economy, with taxation funding an enumerated set of federal services, things run backward now.
“Zimbabwe” Ben Bernanke prints the money, DC hands it out as increased spending, and everyone pretends this is sustainable.
You can bleat on about managing the spending, but those with a grasp of human nature know that you will always find some “emergency” to justify the next spree.
“A mind is a terrible thing,” and rationalizations are not reform.
Repent, reform, restore.

I do believe you made him cry Smitty.


One thought on “Wherein @Smitty_one_each Makes John Boehner Cry

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