New Insanity From Republik Of Kalifornia

Via Nice Deb;

What’s the latest insanity to come out of liberal land California? How about free health care for illegal immigrants.

Check out this collectivist drivel:

California should not be a place that says some young people deserve healthcare and some don’t. Access to screenings and checkups helps people prevent problems before they start. When healthcare includes everyone, and we mean everyone, that keeps us all healthy. We’re in this together.

Check out #Health4all and help us spread the word that California’s health depends on everyone. Everyone. Learn more about us at

It would never occur to me to move to another country illegally, and then demand free benefits. That’s takes a certain amount of brass cojones I simply do not possess.

Here’s an idea…how about you go back to your own country and come back to America the legal way.

Video courtesy of Gateway Pundit

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