Punch Race Baiters Back Twice As Hard Says @yesnicksearcy

Famous actor Nick Searcy, star of “Justified” on the FX channel, recently had a twitter war with some race hustlers. It made it on Twitchy and it was an epic beat down. Hope Nick doesn’t mind me borrowing this;

Go to twitchy and read the time line. Ace even got in on the fun.


8 thoughts on “Punch Race Baiters Back Twice As Hard Says @yesnicksearcy

  1. Race baiting does occur, and it happens on both sides. Part of the problem is when you call bs actual bs, suddenly you become the problem. Discussions about race can be a touchy subject, and I think we can both agree on that.

    Perfect example, when people call Obama a socialist, what would a good percentage actually like to call him but it’s no longer socially (pun intended…LoL) acceptable? If I bring that point up when conversing about the president’s debatable socialist views, I’m the race baiter because I called bs. Just my two cents…

    Good topic and post

    • Thanks for your comment and insight. Discussions about race will always be a sensitive subject as long as there are people out there who have a vested interest in keeping it divisive.

      Maybe some day we can get past it…I hope so.

  2. Did you know him in HS, TMG?

    I had an experience when I ran the operating room at my hospital. I had an RN who hated this surgical tech. The RN was white and the surgical tech was black. The surgical tech also hated the RN. When they both worked together in an OR room, evidently, there were fireworks. I never saw it but th other OR staff and a doctor did. The staff told me and the doctor came to me and said we must have a meeting of the OR staff and hash out this racial stuff. I told him I would handle it.
    I went to the RN (who is always in charge in a room) and told her that if her dislike of the tech EVER interfered in her work, causing difficulty for the surgeon, anesthesia, or the tech in any way, I would fire her.
    I called in the tech and told her basically the same thing.

    Without having a screaming match in a large meeting of the OR staff, the problem was solved. There was never any trouble again.

  3. People do love to hate. I suppose that is why Robert E. Lee had this to say about war.

    It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it. (Comment to James Longstreet, on seeing a Federal charge repulsed in the Battle of Fredericksburg (13 December 1862))

    The fact war is terrible does not stop some people. Those folks just do their best to make certain war is terrible only for the people they have chosen to hate.

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