Irrelevant Comic #JimCarrey To Sue #FoxNews?

Erstwhile comic Jim Carrey, sensing the disgust, revulsion and utter contempt most Americans feel about his recent parody video making fun of Southerners, gun owners and famous actor, Charlton Heston, has come out with a press release seemingly threatening to sue Fox News for slander. You will just have to read it yourself to get the irony in the letter;

Jim Carrey's Press Release

Click to embiggen.

One thought on “Irrelevant Comic #JimCarrey To Sue #FoxNews?

  1. Sad. Never thought he was funny, but I never thought he was mentally unbalanced.
    Now it looks like he’s a combination of Barbara Streisand Leftism and Captain Queeg paranoia.

    Which is NOT an attractive combination.

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