#AmandaMarcotte Kicks Off #NOAFW By Accusing #MittRomney Of Supporting Eugenics

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What better Feminist to kick off National Offend A Feminist Week than Amanda Marcotte. In her latest diatribe, she accuses former GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney of supporting Eugenics. Mr. Romney made a commencement speech at Southern Virginia University where he advised the graduates to find the love of their life and have plenty of children.

Mizz Marcotte of course, equates having plenty of children with Eugenics when in truth Eugenics is the process whereby one group pf people thinking they are superior to other groups of people, use techniques like sterilization and abortion to keep them from having children to perpetuate their family line.

Truth be told, Mizz Marcotte isn’t even woman enough to make me a sammich.

10 thoughts on “#AmandaMarcotte Kicks Off #NOAFW By Accusing #MittRomney Of Supporting Eugenics

      • To give Marcotte partial credit, there were those who we would call conservative–like Doc Smith with his Lensmen and Heinlein with the Howard Families–who entertained the idea of eugenics, but in both of those cases the programs they dreamed up used birth to achieve their goals, were more-or-less voluntary, and, of course, they were fictional, whereas Leftist utopian eugenics programs were/are achieved through oppression and death and many were/are all too real.

  1. Good old Marcotte. I remember her tweets trying to blame the prolife crowd for the existence of Gosnell. Really, she must see everything exactly inverse from what they are. Sad. But thanks for reminding me about offend a feminist week! Can’t believe I almost forgot! Jeepers time sure flies by.


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