Drunk Nurse Sexually Assaults Patient In Hospital

Don’t know if this story qualifies for National Offend A Feminist Week, but there sure does seem to be a lot of incidents of women sexually assaulting men or boys in the news lately. This latest one comes from Atlanta where a female nurse, drunk on the job, took a male patient out of a group therapy session back to his room where she started kissing and groping him. Oh, it should be noted that this was at a psychiatric hospital.

Danielle Gates, 29, was arrested and now faces a charge of sexual assault at a hospital or institution. Channel 2’s Tom Jones was in a Clayton County courtroom when Gates went before a magistrate judge. She appeared nervous and near tears as the judge read the criminal warrant that alleges she sexually attacked the male patient.

College Park police say Gates worked as a nurse at Anchor Hospital on Yorktowne Drive.

It’s a facility that treats adults for emotional, psychiatric and addictive disease issues, its website says. Officers say a patient reported that Gates took him out of a group therapy session and led him to his room. The patient says Gates then grabbed his hands and then became intimate with him.

“You hugged, kissed this person on the neck,” Judge Richard Brown said, as he read the warrant.

Police say Gates then touched the patient inappropriately.

Officers say Gates was on the job drunk when all this happened. Police sources say her blood-alcohol level was 0.16. That’s double the level before a driver exceeds the legal driving limit.

Police also say they saw proof that part of what the patient described is true. There was video footage of you escorting this patient to his room from session,” Brown told Gates.

Are these women just striking back at the misogynistic patriarchy by doing what a few sick twisted men have done to women through the years, or is it just that this has always gone on and men are finally starting to report these assaults?

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