President Says…Let The Marines Eat Cake While He Parties On Dude!

From the illustrious Paco via Bob Belvedere comes this shocking news;

It comes from Paco, owner and CEO of Paco Enterprises, in a direct message by him to General de Presidente Baracko Husseinez j Lopez Cara de Tiron Antonio de Gatito Marfa Alinsky Debil Tonto de Santa Obamanna on Paco’s hearing of the news that Marines in Afghanistan will be denied hot meals and their number of meals per day will be reduced due to budget issues:

Obama-as-Stalin-ReaganiteRepublicanSeriously, Mr. Commander in Chief, you can deck yourself out in your tuxedo, and Mrs. O can drape herself in one of those costumes that looks like a hand-me-down from King Nebuchanezzar’s favorite concubine , and you can both hang out with your Hollywood buds in the White House, dining on sumptuous fare, and you can let your troops go hungry, and you can do all this without hanging your head in shame?

What a despicable creature our current President is. Our former leaders, not even Bill Clinton, would have had the temerity to hold expensive dinners and party like it was 1999 while our service members are asked to go hungry.

President Obama has no concept of what a moral person would or should do. He acts like a potentate and the First Lady acts like her “shit don’t stink.”

H/T Matt at Conservative Hideout.

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