Death Panels Are So Bogus…Just Ask Sarah Murnaghan

Bob at TCOTS brings us this latest scandalous idiocy from the Obama administration through their Department of Health and Human Services;

From The Washington Examiner, Joel Gehrke reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Dan Collins][worth quoting in full]:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius rebuffed an appeal from Rep. Lou Barletta on behalf of a girl who needs a lung transplant but can’t get one because of a federal regulation that prevents her from qualifying for a transplant.

“Please, suspend the rules until we look at this policy,” Barletta, a Pennsylvania Republican, asked Sebelius during a House hearing Tuesday on behalf of Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old girl who needs a lung transplant. She can’t qualify for an adult lung transplant until the age of 12, according to federal regulations, but Sebelius has the authority to waive that rule on her behalf. The pediatric lungs for which she currently qualifies aren’t available.

“I would suggest, sir, that, again, this is an incredibly agonizing situation where someone lives and someone dies,” Sebelius replied. “The medical evidence and the transplant doctors who are making the rule — and have had the rule in place since 2005 making a delineation between pediatric and adult lungs, because lungs are different that other organs — that it’s based on the survivability [chances].”

Barletta countered that medical professionals think Murneghan could survive an adult lung transplant. During the exchange, he also said that the girl has three to five weeks to live.

Sebelius reminded Barletta that 40 people in Pennsylvania are on the “highest acuity list” for lung transplants.

The question most folks would normally ask is where is Kathleen  Sebelius’s Medical Degree. Oh wait, she doesn’t have one. Well, isn’t that special.

This medical decision has been made by a high-ranking bureaucrat with no license or training to practice medicine.

This is a decision that should be left up to the doctors who are handling the girl’s case, but in the Age Of Obama a hack politician in an appointed position named Sebelius is the one making the call on whether this ten-year old girl will have a fighting chance to live.  We’ve known that Kathleen is a big supporter of Late-Term Abortions, but, I think, most of us thought she was only in favor of it up until a few hours after birth, not up to ten years old.

Welcome to Socialized Medicine…which was passed ‘for the children’.

Half of America wanted it and now all of America is going to get it good and hard.

The Republicans in the Congress can be thanked for not doing one damn productive thing to halt Obamacare.  Instead they have taken useless repeal votes.  And here we see the dirty little secret the GOP has: it doesn’t give a good Goddamn about anything but retaining what little, petty power it has.

Damn them all to Hell.

Frankly Bob, I think Hell is too good a place for the likes of these people.

And then Bob updates with a quote from Sarah Palin via our good friend Dan Collins;

Sarah Palin is dead solid perfect [tip to Dan again]:

The government will bend the rules left and right to harass targeted taxpayers, conservative patriots, selected journalists, etc., but it will strictly exercise inconsistent and subjective rules to deny a child a shot at life. And they called us liars when we spoke of “death panels” – faceless bureaucrats coming between you and your doctor to make life and death decisions about a loved one’s survival. It doesn’t sound so far fetched anymore, does it?

God bless her 


5 thoughts on “Death Panels Are So Bogus…Just Ask Sarah Murnaghan

  1. I’ve been following this too. Not only is Sebellius not a physician. Rep Bartaletta is Republican.
    Could it be another ‘gotcha’?
    These people are monsters.

  2. “It doesn’t sound so far fetched anymore, does it?”
    Nope, not at all.

    It was never a threat: it was a promise….
    …and just another reason I hold all folks who backed this bill with such contempt.

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