Child Sexual Abuse Causes Homosexual Tendencies?

Two interesting articles today, both courtesy of The Other McCain. Both deal with a subject that is often ignored or at the very least, swept under the rug.

First, we have the article by Stacy about the prevalence of female teachers who take advantage of their underage students, male and female:

Why did the “Free Kate” movement flourish so rapidly after May 17? Some people have attributed this to the gay-rights angle in the case — Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt, 18, has admitted having sex with a 14-year-old female — and the claim of “homophobia” stirred sympathy for someone who admits committing a felony under Florida law.

This angered people because it looked like an attempt to create a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for gay sex offenders, but there was also another factor to which I called attention: Kate Hunt is a young, attractive female and no one wants to think a pretty girl could be dangerous — certainly not a sexual predator. Well . . .

You’re wrong. In fact, you might be shocked how wrong you are, when you see how often sex offenders hide behind a pretty face.

  • Loni Folks, 24, was arrested in 2008 and charged with sexual battery of a 16-year-old male student in Mississippi.
  • Carrie McCandless was 29 in 2006 when she was arrested for a sexual incident involving a 17-year-0ld male student at the Colorado charter school where she was English teacher and her husband was the principal. In 2011, McCandless was sentenced to 60 days in jail after a judge revoked her probation when she tested positive for morphine.
  • Heather Chiasson, 29, was charged in 2012 with having sex with a 17-year-old male student at the Louisiana high school where she taught math.

There’s more at the link. As commenter Vermontaigne says:

This is why I sometimes assert that there’s an epidemic of sexual abuse in public schools. What stats exist bear the claim out (they not only exceed the Catholic scandals in raw number terms, but quite significantly in per capita and every other statistically significant index). The MSM likes to present the individual cases–so salacious–but never connect the dots, in stark contrast to the Catholic priest scandals. They don’t wish to see massive class-action suits against public school districts, half of them faked up, because they know that they’ll be settled out of court.

But, you know . . . for the children. So, it goes on and on, and the argument I always get from the left is that the Catholic Church is a highly centralized institution, whereas these abusive public school employees are low-level rogue actors. And still it goes on. And then the excuse is that the priests are in a position of greater trust and authority, though the unions are continually telling us that we must entrust our children’s intellectual and moral formation to them, and they must have more money to properly socialize them. And still it goes on….

It makes one wonder just how long this has been going on. It’s not something you heard much about before the advent of the 24 hour news cycle, the internet and the new alternative media.

And with the infamy of the Kaitlyn Hunt sexual abuse of an underage girl, it has brought the phenomenon of Child Sexual Abuse to the forefront of the news cycle, at least in new media. Below is an article by Clayton Cramer of American Thinker courtesy of TOM’s Live At Five:

One of the more effective arguments used by those arguing for same-sex marriage and sexual orientation anti-discrimination laws is that homosexuals have no choice in the matter — that sexual orientation is something that you are born with, and you can’t change it.  The claim is that this is a natural part of human variability, no different from skin color or hair color or how tall you are.  As an acquaintance — a generally conservative, gay high power rifle shooter (talk about being a member of the world’s smallest cross-section of identity groups) told me once, “Why would anyone choose to be gay?”


There is pretty persuasive evidence that what determines sexual orientation, at least for some homosexuals, is environmental.  At a minimum, the evidence of a connection between being sexually abused as a child and homosexual or bisexual orientation as an adult is so widespread that the refusal of the scientific community to seriously consider a causal connection suggests a willful blindness.


The paper “Sexual Abuse, Sexual Orientation, and Obesity in Women,” published in the Journal of Women’s Health, examined the relationship between obesity and lesbianism — a relationship that has long been recognized but never systematically explored.  What the researchers found was that lesbians in their sample of women over 35 were more likely than the heterosexual women to have a “previous mental health diagnosis” and to be well-educated, and significantly more likely to be obese (40.2% compared to 30.4%).  Most importantly, lesbians were almost twice as likely as matched heterosexual women to be have been victims of “intrafamilial” child sexual abuse (CSA), and more than twice as likely to be victims of extrafamilial CSA.  Suddenly, the wall of fat that is one stereotype of lesbianism makes a lot of sense — something to drive away men, and make them stop seeing the lesbian as a sexual object.


This is not just a problem for women who were CSA victims.  Here‘s a study of the among between sexual orientation, CSA, and suicidal behavior among college students in Turkey. The study found that “[s]elf-reported childhood sexual abuse was associated with same-sex sexual behavior. … Being sexually abused by someone of one’s own sex was related to same-sex sexual orientation in male participants but not in female participants. Childhood sexual abuse was found to be an independent predictor of both suicidal ideation and attempts during the past 12 months.”  So why are suicide rates among homosexuals so high?  Is it really a homophobic society?  Or is it possible that CSA leads both to high suicide rates and to homosexuality?

Makes one wonder if Kaitlyn Hunt was sexually abused by either one of her parents or by a coach or teacher. The studies quoted above seem to show correlation between prior sexual abuse and the onset of homosexual tendencies.



3 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse Causes Homosexual Tendencies?

  1. Reblogged this on aurorawatcherak and commented:
    As I’ve explained before, I worked as an administrator in the social work field for 15 years. Social work is one of those fields that seems to attract homosexual employees, so I have had opportunity to know several and to call a few friends. Although few of the lesbians I have known have been noticeably overweight, the history of child sexual abuse is one that I am quite familiar with. They don’t call it that, usually. They talk about how when they met an older woman who showed them their “true sexuality”. The fact is that being sexually molested will mess with your head and that dissonance will cause you to interpret the mediocre sexual experience many women encounter on their first time as a homosexual orientation if you have already been coached in that direction … and who hasn’t been in this generation of “The New Normal”?

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