On Universal National Service – #FascismWatch

Great synopsis of article about “Universal National Service” by our good friend in the ether, Bob Belvedere.

The Camp Of The Saints

Veteran of the Reagan Administration, Bruce Chapman has battled against the idea of Universal National Service for a half a century.

In an article over at The American Spectator, he informs us that attendees at the exclusive summit going on right now at the Aspen Institute in Colorado are meeting to decide not if there should be some kind of Universal National Service, but how it should be implemented.  As he reports:

The Summit was called not so much to consider and weigh such a scheme as to mobilize in support of it. If there were any critics of universal national service invited to Aspen, the invitation list doesn’t show them.

The people attending the conference include politicians, businessmen, members of the media, both Republican and Democrat, Left and supposed Right.

Mr. Chapman reports:

…Now, according to Aspen’s official Summit description, it appears that backers are willing to settle for…

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