Wages Are Lower In The South Because… Raaaaacism

Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post…what else can you say about him, except that he’s an idiot, especially after his latest rant against the South.

Meyerson writes that because of “right to work” laws in southern states and some recent converts in the Mid-west, we are inferior to the northern states and other states that are controlled by the unions. Guess what Mr. Meyerson…the unions have bankrupted those states controlled by the unions because they don’t have “right to work” laws. Yes, that’s right, if you want to work in a northern state, you have to join a union or you can’t work. Talk about starvation wages. It doesn’t matter how much you could make in the north if you can’t find a job because you’re not in a union.

I guess the fact that manufacturers who move south to take advantage of the slightly lower wages and no unions are giving jobs to Americans instead of moving out of the country escapes the simple minded Meyerson.

In Meyerson’s opinion, the southern fence should start at the Virginia line and extend through Texas, annexing the South from the rest of the country because of it’s lack of union representation for workers and it’s lower wages.

What Meyerson seems to forget is that little thing called the “cost of living.” It costs far less to live in the South than it does in other parts of the country such as New York or California. Why do you think retirees move south Mr. Meyerson? It’s not just because of the climate. It’s because a person’s money goes farther.

Say for instance, I live in South Carolina. I make a pretty good wage, a little more than 50 grand. We’re able to put some money back for emergencies. I’m thinking of moving north to say, Manhattan, NY. The comparable wage in Manhattan is 118 grand. I can expect to pay 44% more for groceries, 450% more for housing, 52% more for utilities and 23% more for health care. Not much wiggle room, is there. We would have a hard time saving money back for hard times if we lived in New York.

Another comparison would be if I wanted to move back to the city of my birth, San Diego, CA. The increase in wage from SC to CA is only 40% higher The price of groceries isn’t much higher at 4% more, but I will have to pay 151% more for housing and 19% more for utilities. Again, not much extra money left for savings.

The whole gist of Meyerson’s rant is the reason wages are lower in the South is because we’re still raaaaacist. We want to keep the Black Man and the Southern White Trash down. Here’s a small excerpt:

But how much of this problem originates in the Global South and how much in the American South? The United States has long had two distinct, sectional labor systems. Each has mutated multiple times, but throughout U.S. history one has been Northern and the other Southern, and their differences have, until recently, remained clear. In the northern system, workers have more rights and higher incomes. In Dixie, they have fewer rights and lower incomes.


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