Let’s Go Fishing!



Have you noticed that civilization, as we know it in the USA, is rapidly declining? While there may be many superficial reasons for this, there is one fundamental reason: God has been systematically exiled.

teen_pregnancyAll negative statistics are up: teenage pregnancies, teenage abortions, murders, suicides … just about every indicator of negative behavior trends shows we are in trouble. But, God is shunned as “Old Fahioned.”

The issues that confront America in 2013 and onward, are not political issues, but moral issues. Many Americans remember such things as prayer in schools (non-specific & non-threatening), teachers using rulers to “regulate” classroom behavior, two-parent (male & female) households, an orderly society with rules that usually worked, but even when they didn’t, it was the exception, not the rule.

I am part of the generation that helped to tear down those rules and that framework, the Baby Boomers. It’s not so bad that…

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