The Malfeasance And/Or Ignorance Of Mainstream Media About Pedophilia

What else can you say about the journalistic acumen of Robert Stacy McCain, but that it is extraordinary. As Joe Friday would say…”Nothing but the facts, man.”  McCain digs deep and brings insights into the stories he reports on that most people would either ignore or think irrelevant to the article.

Mr. McCain has grabbed onto a story that would have remained under the radar if left up to the mainstream media. Yes, we’re talking about the fiasco in Sebastian Florida where an eighteen year old young woman, Kaitlyn Hunt took sexual advantage of a fourteen year old girl, who’s name is being withheld because of her age. The most recent stories are here, and here.

In conjunction with the brouhaha down in Indian County, Florida, Stacy has also been reporting on the efforts of some in the gay community to have the age of consent lowered, a slippery slope indeed. Once you start down that path, where does it end?

Well, it could very well end here. Here are some details as reported by our intrepid reporter:

What could possibly go wrong? In July 2010, two men — their names given only as Mark and Peter — were the subjects of an Australian Broadcasting Company feature story with this headline:

Why two dads are better than one
Becoming parents was hard work for gay couple …
but they’d do it all over again if they had to

The article by Ginger Gorman positively oozed with sympathetic admiration for Mark and Peter, whose son was conceived in 2005 with the assistance of a Russian surrogate mother. Fast-forward three years:

Australian pair in L.A. convicted for making
child porn with ‘adopted son’ from Russia

He was only two weeks old the first time Newton, now 42, molested the boy that the Russian surrogate was paid $8,000 to bear for him and Truong, now 36. The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Police believe the pair had adopted the boy ‘‘for the sole purpose of exploitation’’. The abuse began just days after his birth and over six years the couple travelled the world, offering him up for sex with at least eight men, recording the abuse and uploading the footage to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network. …
[U.S. District] Judge [Sarah Evans] Barker said the pair brainwashed the child to believe the sexual abuse was normal. Newton was also said to have trained the boy to deny any inappropriate behaviour if he was ever questioned by authorities.

Hanging is too good for these bastards. You can read the rest of the sordid mess here.

The only silver lining is that one of the sorry bastards got 40 years, hopefully in the general population. And the reporter was remorseful that she wasn’t able to discern the ugly facts when she so effusively advocated for gay adoptions in her original story on the gay couple back in 2010.

“I felt no sense anything was wrong. For all intents and purposes this appeared to be a loving family and a loving household, and I’ve gone over and over about it in my brain and I did not feel anything was wrong. … I’m profoundly shocked and disgusted by what’s happened. Since then, I just am revolted and I find myself quite despairing about the turn of events.”
Ginger Gorham, Australian Broadcasting Company

When Wintery Knight first told me about this story, I was stunned: In 2010, Australian reporter Ginger Gorham produced a human-interest feature about two men and their son that glowed with the kind of one-sided enthusiasm one might expect to find in advertising copy for toothpast or a political endorsement. Nary a hint nor a shadow of skepticism dimmed the sunshine-and-rainbows narrative Gorham provided for Mark Newton and Peter Truong.


There are a multitude of stories out there just like this one that are ignored or underreported by the mainstream media. Thankfully, we have the new media to find and report on these travesties.

Thank you to Stacy for keeping us apprised of these stories.

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