Thanks #LindseyGraham…DumbAss

Well, leave it to citizens from another state to take Lindsey Graham to task for his erroneous vote on the senate immigration reform bill.

The folks from just over the border in Georgia have put up a big billboard ripping Lindsey Graham for his vote.

Via Doug Ross @ Journal:

Lindsey Graham, along with John McCain and Marco Rubio, were the primary co-conspirators with malevolent Statists like Chuck Schumer and Robert (“Hey, little girl!”) Menendez in crafting the latest Amnesty bill. And some of his constituents are more than a little peeved.

A brand-new Georgia billboard proclaiming South Carolina’s alleged affinity for illegal aliens is raising eyebrows this week.

The sign, posted in Canton, Ga., declares: “South Carolina welcomes the undocumented. Sen. Lindsey Graham says his state has a labor shortage and wants more immigrants. For job tips, call his office at (864) 646-4090. Located in Pendleton, S.C. Only 2 hours from Atlanta!”

So fellow citizens of South Carolina, we need to do our level best to vote this scalawag out of office. We have at least one candidate who has thrown his hat in the ring. Yes, I’m talking about Richard Cash.

5 thoughts on “Thanks #LindseyGraham…DumbAss

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  2. Cash or any other no-name has zero chance of beating Graham. Only someone who holds some level of elected office stands even a remote chance of winning.

  3. Carl, many times a no-name has surprised TPTB and won a national elective office.

    Richard Cash came within a whisper of beating the incumbent from SC’s third district in 2010. He actually won the primary, but had to go through a run-off where he barely lost to Jeff Duncan.

    If we don’t get behind the so called no-name candidates, how can you expect them to win?

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. You can’t repeal Obamacare because on in seven blacks, one in ten Hispanics and one in Twelve Italians (thank Fumento) have HIV/AIDS and can’t afford treatment.

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