I’m Being Audited by the IRS

Phoebe's Detention Room

Little ole us, who have very small income, we’re so far below the 250,000 income that we should be homeless and on food stamps.  Got a letter from the IRS today stating they hadn’t received our 2011 return but acknowledged they received our payment, common sense would tell them we wouldn’t send them money for no reason.  Anyway, we had our taxes done by volunteers at the United Way, which in this case, happened to be my daughter, she informed me that since they are volunteers they have no liability and that they do not keep records of tax returns, problem is, I can’t find my copy so looks like we’re going to have to do this all over again.  The big question is, why are we being audited?  I’ve been nothing but kind and loving to them.  <snicker>


S C R E W T H E I R…

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