What Did She Know And When Did She Know It?

Remember the infamous line by Hillary Clinton during the 1974 Watergate hearings? Well, Stacy McCain is asking what BFF of Kaitlyn Hunt, Julia Gilmore knew and when did she know it? There is speculation that Miss Gilmore might have been witness to Hunt and her underage amour’s trysts in the girls’ bathroom at Sebastian High School last year:

Kaitlyn Hunt’s attorney asked the prosecution to provide Julia Gilmore’s address. I’ve seen evidence Gilmore was in regular communication with Kate Hunt as recently as July, so why would Hunt’s lawyer need the prosecution’s help to find Gilmore now?

This is a question to which I don’t know the answer. Nor do I know why Hunt’s lawyer was so interested in finding Gilmore or why the lawyer thought she was important to the prosecution’s case. But there are dots here, and these dots seem to form a non-random pattern.

This case just gets stranger and stranger.

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