Team Kimberlin Post of the Day


On 16 October, there was a hearing in the Circuit Court on Bill Schmalfedt’s motion to modify the peace order issued against him. The motion was denied, and the original order was left in place. The next day, the Court of Appeals denied Schmalfeldt’s appeal, essentially upholding the Circuit Court’s rulings. The peace order says that Schmalfeldt SHALL NOT (My caps lock didn’t stick; the order is all caps at that point.) contact me by any means. Period. @mentions and @replies on Twitter are within the scope of the order.

So what did the Cabin Boy do? He began tweeting to me within an hour-and-a-half of the judge’s ruling on the 16th, and he’s kept it up. Last Friday, I showed what he’d been doing to a District Court Commissioner. The Commissioner charged Schmalfeldt with one count of electronic mail harassment, one count under the general harassment statute, and 36…

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