#InTheMail New Challenger To #LindseyGraham Senate Seat

Looks like there’s another conservative challenger for incumbent US Senator Lindsey Graham’s senate seat. Here’s the latest from Western PAC:

Dear Patriot,

Exciting news is coming out of South Carolina, as Lindsey Graham is faced with yet another challenger for 2014.  Bill Connor, an Orangeburg attorney and former U.S. Army officer, who is presently the 6th district congressional chairman, has filed papers with the FEC indicating his intent to run.  Connor has the track record to raise significant funds, as his 2010 election campaign for lieutenant governor yielded over $600,000 in fundraising.

A lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves, Connor has the conservative bona fides and campaigning chops to present a real threat to Lindsey Graham’s re-election chances.  What’s more, as the fourth candidate in the Republican primary, he joins Richard Cash, Nancy Mace, and Lee Bright in a primary that will likely hold Lindsey Graham below 50%.  In other words, we’ve got ourselves a likely run-off.

Remember, Ted Cruz lost to David Dewhurst in the primary election in Texas, only to beat Dewhurst in the runoff.  The Republican establishment knows we’re coming, and they know what another opponent means for Lindsey Graham: a runoff.  We’ve got Lindsey Graham on the run in South Carolina, with an approval rating of 37% among likely voters in South Carolina.

Graham’s record is coming back to haunt him, and with four credible conservative opponents in the primary, he’s vulnerable. We’re keeping the heat on Graham with our tailgate at the Clemson-South Carolina game, where we’re going to connect with voters from all walks of life to let them know that they have alternatives to Lindsey Graham in 2014.  Your donation helps us with this event, and it also helps us build up for 2014, when we go in full attack mode to take Lindsey out in the heat of primary season.

Donate today, and let’s kick ass and raise hell in South Carolina, and send a message to the Republican establishment!

More from  The State:

— Orangeburg attorney and U.S. Army veteran Bill Connor – who lost the 2010 Republican runoff for lieutenant governor to Ken Ard – has filed to run against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham in next June’s Republican primary, according to federal election documents.

Connor did not return requests for comment Friday. However, he filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission Tuesday, indicating he plans to run.

Connor is the fourth Republican to oppose Graham in the primary, joining state Sen. Lee Bright of Spartanburg, Easley businessman Richard Cash and Charleston public-relations executive Nancy Mace.

Unlike Bright, Cash and Mace, Connor has run a statewide campaign before, raising more than $600,000 for his bid to win the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor, according to finance records with the S.C. Election Commission.

In 2010, Connor placed second in that GOP primary to Florence’s Ard, trailing 34 percent to 27 percent. However, Ard, who resigned last year and entered a guilty plea to fraud charges, won their runoff convincingly, 61 percent to 39 percent.

Connor lost a 2011 bid for state GOP chairman and, most recently, has been the party’s 6th District congressional chairman, a post he must resign as a candidate for public office, S.C. Republican Party chairman Matt Moore said.

Believe it or not, there is a democrat, Jay Stamper, formerly from Washington State, who has filed for the 2014 election, but he has pretty much been disavowed by some democrats because of felony convictions in Nevada:

One Democrat has declared for the Graham race – Jay Stamper, who recently moved to Columbia from Washington state.

Some Democrats have attempted to disavow Stamper, citing his three Nevada felony convictions that resulted after Washington state regulators forced Stamper to shut down an online investment company.

Hell, I thought felony convictions were a resume enhancement to run as a democrat.

Remember, we have Richard Cash, Nancy Mace and Lee Bright also challenging Graham for his seat in the 2014 SC GOP primary. As of yet, Bill Connor doesn’t have a web presence except for his business web site.

Fellow South Carolinians, we have a veritable cornucopia of candidates to run against Lindsey Graham. Pick one and help support their campaign through the primary. Then, in the run off that’s expected, come together and support the winning challenger to Graham and help us give him his walking papers.




4 thoughts on “#InTheMail New Challenger To #LindseyGraham Senate Seat

    • I posted another #InTheMail letter. I just received it from the Lee Bright campaign. I had started off supporting Richard Cash, but may switch to Bright. Cash had a good start, but seems to have fizzled out.

  1. Lee Bright is the best one. PROVEN record in the State Senate as traditional conservative. A “good government” guy with consistent high ratings. Nancy Mace is a female Lindsay Graham at best. The first female to enter the Citadel, something that won’t endear her to a lot of SC conservatives. She also owns/runs a muck racking magazine that started out well but got off into all sorts of nasty liberalism. Richard Cash is a decent conservative, but in his last race, he challenged a very strong Jeff Duncan. Jeff (If you don’t know him) is one of the three musketeers of great SC congressmen (Trey Gowdy, Mick Mulvaney and Jeff).

    Connor is one of those guys that likes to play in the political system. There is a reason why he lost the Lt Governor’s seat to a criminal.

    1. Bright
    2. Cash
    3. Connor
    4. Mace

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