Good News! #LindseyGraham Losing Support Statewide In South Carolina

Just got a message in my inbox from the Lee Bright campaign. I will excerpt in full below.

I had started out supporting Richard Cash, mainly because he was the first one to enter the race and I met him at a campaign event, which I wrote about here. Nancy Mace was the second challenger to enter the race.

It seems to me, since I haven’t heard anything from the Cash campaign, I might be better off throwing my support behind Lee Bright, whom I’ve also met briefly at a public Second Amendment  Forum that he chaired.

Without further ado, here’s the message from Mr. Bright:

Wouldn’t you expect the Republican leaders within the county parties to line up behind a sitting incumbent?

Under normal circumstances, party officials tend to stick with those holding the office, but Laurens County GOP Chairman Travis Cash knows that 2014 is not a normal circumstance. This is why he is enthusiastically endorsing Lee Bright for the U.S. Senate.

“This is a man who has consistently voted for constitutional law, and when he says he’ll do something, he does it,” says Cash of Bright. “He’ll continue that going into the US Senate.  When you hear (the party establishment) attacking Lee Bright, you know he’s doing the job right.”

This assessment of Lee is being shared by party leaders across the state, as Travis Cash is the third Republican county chairman to formally oppose Lindsey Graham and support Lee Bright. Other party chairmen include Kevin Thomas from Fairfield county and William Rentiers from Lexington county.

To view a video of Travis Cash’s endorsement, please see below!

We are excited to see so much enthusiasm for Lee at this early stage! Do you want to endorse Lee? If so, please click here to make your endorsement known today.

Onward, Team Bright

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