#InTheMail… #LindseyGraham Lies Again

Lying liars lie.

Incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham had been running his mouth on the radio and TV talk shows about how he was going to hold up confirmation of Obama cabinet appointees until American citizens got some answers on the Benghazi debacle…He lied!

In an E-mail from Western PAC:

Dear Patriot,

Remember when Lindsey Graham promised to hold up Obama’s nominees until the Benghazi witnesses were produced for congressional testimony?  That promise occurred on October 28th, and the Senate has confirmed three nominees since Graham lied. Richard Griffin was confirmed to the National Labor Relations Board, and Tom Wheeler and Michael O’Rielly were confirmed to the FCC. Graham also released his hold on two ambassador nominations as well.

It’s the same old Lindsey Graham, making threats he doesn’t keep for President Obama.  While he tries to mislead the voters and save his own skin in 2014, another South Carolina conservative, Bill Connor, just jumped into the Republican primary.  A four way primary will only increase Graham’s chance of facing a run-off, but Graham’s own failure to stick to his guns on Benghazi and keep his promises will ensure South Carolina voters remember come next November.

Lindsey Graham has no problem lying to save his skin, and the word is getting out. We’ve been in South Carolina for two events over the past year, and we’re about to go put on a third event in Columbia at the South Carolina-Clemson game. We’re going to reach voters from all walks of life with a tailgate, and get the word out that they have a choice in 2014.  Your donation helps us make these events a reality, and it helps take out Lindsey Graham in 2014.  Donate today!

Lindsey Graham is not representing the interests of South Carolina or American citizens. It’s time for Graham to get his walking papers…return him to civilian life.

We now have four challengers to Graham’s senate seat. Richard Cash, who was first to announce, Nancy Mace, Lee Bright and newcomer Bill Connor, who doesn’t have a web site set up yet.

Pick a candidate and help them all you can either with donations or even helping out as a volunteer.

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