But We Must Not Lose Heart

The Camp Of The Saints

Back on the tenth of this month, Jeff Goldstein published a post that, I think, captured the way many of you feel sometimes.

I want to quote it in full and then show you the response I left him, which I hope will help you if you are ever encompassed by such a deep Black Dog in the future.

Jeff wrote:

I Can’t

I have no idea why the people in this country aren’t in full-on revolt against the New Left Democrats and the road they are taking us down.  It will not be long before doctors are told they must become indentured servants to the state if they wish to practice; profit motive will be finally and fully demonized; and we’ll be corralled like livestock into permanent government dependency pens.

I’m sick to my stomach.

The US, it turns out, lost the Cold War.  Except that it also

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